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Swan and Goose Decoys

The details in all of our decoys are fine-tuned, accurate, and precise. We take great pride in making the highest quality decorative decoys. We carve over 230 pieces and we donít have all of them listed online. If you can't find the species or size of decoy that you are looking for, please call or e-mail duxdekes@duxdekes.com us for more information.

Our technique of painting involves using custom made stains, using an oil based paint and turpentine. We use these stains to base our carvings. This provides an excellent color scheme while allowing the beautiful grain to show through. We hand sand each carving then highlight with acrylic paints. Our top coats are an Antique Flat polyurethane, finished with a paste wax.

If you're interested in
unfinished wooden decoys, we also offer books on painting your own!

Our decoys make excellent gifts for anyone who loves nature. The high quality and attention to detail make them a work of art to add to your home.

Swan and Goose Decoys

S1L - Tundra Swan, looped
neck pose 24"
Price: $490.00

S1C - Tundra Swan, content pose 24"
Price: $490.00

S4L - 1/2 sized Tundra Swan looped neck pose 16"
Price: $179.00 

S4 - 1/2 sized Tundra Swan Decoy 16" 
Price: $179.00  

S2 - 1/4 sized Tundra Swan 14"  
Price: $129.00   

S3 - Miniature Tundra Swan 8"
Price: $85.00

CG1 - Canada Goose Decoys,
life size 28" 
Price: $550.00

CG3 - 1/2 sized Canada Goose 17" 
Price: $189.00 

CG3S - 1/2 sized Canada Goose sleeper 17"
Price: $199.00

 CG2 - 1/4 sized Canada Goose Decoys
Price: $129.00 

CG4 - Miniature Canada Goose Decoys 8"  
Price: $85.00

The time and attention to detail put into every single one of our duck, swan, and goose decoys stems from years of studying the birds in their natural environments. We are proud to have been offering our decoys since 1987.   


Due to the increased security risks of placing credit card information on-line, Dux' Dekes will now only accept that information by phone, fax or mail. Even though we have never had an issue, we thought it will be in our customer's best interest to proceed in this manner. There will be three choices when your order is complete, "phone order", "fax order" or "mail order". Any choice will get your order to us via computer. You can then call or fax to us at 800-553-4725 or mail to the address on the bottom of your order to get your credit card information to us. Please be assured that the security of your credit information is our highest priority. We do appreciate your support and patience! Thank you.

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